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Lebanon Utilities owns and operates a wastewater collections system and treatment facility that processes sanitary waste for the City of Lebanon as well as the town of Ulen. The current wastewater facility has a design capacity of 5.0 million gallons per day (MGD) with a peak flow capacity of 15.0 MGD.

Lebanon Utilities Wastewater Department is dedicated to the collection and treatment of Lebanon’s wastewater. Through a series of advanced wastewater treatment processes, the Lebanon Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant operates 365 days a year.

The wastewater treatment process can be broken down into a few simple key points:

  • Influent (incoming sewage water)
  • Physical Treatment (filtration of sewage from water)
  • Biological Treatment (oxidation and microorganisms remove waste that remains after filtration)
  • Effluent (treated water sent to chlorine contact tank or to filters)
  • Sludge Treatment (sludge contained and stored; later recycle as fertilizer)

In addition, the Lebanon Utilities Wastewater Department works to reduce infiltration and inflow from rain events. This work includes lining old mains and manholes or replacing them. In addition, a recent campaign has targeted Lebanon residents and businesses who have (improperly) connected their sump pumps or downspouts to the sanitary sewer.

To see the proper connections download this brochure or review this video.

To view the General Terms and Conditions of Service as they relate to wastewater, click here.

To view the Wastewater Non-Recurring Rates & Charges click here: Ordinance No. 2022-23

To view the Sewer Use Ordinance, click here: Ordinance 2017-06 Industrial Waste

To view the 2021 Industrial User Survey click here: 2021 Industrial User Survey


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