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To view the 2022 construction and development standards as required by Lebanon Utilities, click here

Lebanon Utilities makes every effort to provide information to our customers regarding the operations of our municipally-owned utility. The following links include important documents pertinent to the operations of Lebanon Utilities.

Press Release 11/16/2021 – City of Lebanon Finances Water Project. To view the Press Release click here. 

LEGAL NOTICE – A request for approval of an Economic Development (“ED”) Rider to its electric service tariff. To view the Legal Notice click here

To view the General Terms and Conditions of Lebanon Utilities, click here. (For information regarding the General Terms and Conditions for each utility — water, wastewater and electric — visit those website pages.)

To view the Water Rate Ordinance 2018-06 click here: Ordinance-2018-06-Amending-Ordinance-2010-10-Water-Rate-Adjustment-4-2018

To view the Industrial Waste Ordinance 2017-06 click here:2017-06-Regulating-use-of-discharge-of-waters-and-waste-into-sewage-system (1)

To view Metering Ordinance 2013-12 8 inch meter rate click here: Ordinance-2013-12-8-inch-Meter-rate

To view the most recent “Tracker” rates click here.  A Tracker is an Automatic Adjustment Clause which allows a utility to automatically change the rates charged to customers to track changes in the cost of purchased power costs and fuel costs. A municipal utility is a not-for-profit entity and normally operates on narrow margins.  Purchased power costs are typically 75 to 80% of the utility’s operating costs. The price that the utility pays for wholesale power is outside the control of the utility and tends to be variable. The variability can be caused by swings in fuel costs (coal, natural gas, etc.), generating plant outages, the purchase of replacement power in the energy market and the utility’s monthly load factor (which causes month to month variations).  The tracker is a mathematical formula included as part of the utility’s approved rates which makes the adjustment in retail rates which are necessary to reflect changes in power costs, whether increases or decreases.  To view, the “Proposed Tracker” rates click here.

 Lebanon Utilties 2022 budget, click here: 2022 Budget

Lebanon Utilities 2021 budget, click here: 2021 Budget

Lebanon Utilities 2021 budget, click here: 2020 Budget

Lebanon Utilities 2019 budget, click here: 2019 Budget

Lebanon Utilities 2018 budget, click here: 2018 Budget

Lebanon Utilities 2017 budget, click here: 2017 Budget

Lebanon Utilities 2016 budget, click here: 2016 Budget

Lebanon Utilities 2015 budget, click here: 2015 Budget

Lebanon Utilities 2021 Year End Financials, click here: 2021 Year End Financials


To view the 2022 construction and development standards as required by Lebanon Utilities, click here

To view the proposed wastewater rate increase documentation, click here: Sewer Rate Increase Resolution 10-22-15 revised









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