Lebanon Utilities announced today the recent appointment of Matt Hutton to the newly created position of Billing and Metering Services Supervisor. This position, Lebanon_Utilities_032015_F0107filled internally by Lebanon Utilities, will allow the inextricably tied metering and billing departments to move forward on the same page to implement and improve:

  • Remote disconnection of meters to save man hour and equipment expense.
  • Budget billing at any time.
  • Pick Your Due Date and other options to make it easier and more convenient for customers to pay with cost effective solutions.
  • Pay As You Go options.
  • Customer access to AMR (meter reading and usage data for electric and water in real time).
  • Accounts receivable management.

“This new position allows us to reinforce our commitment to the ongoing effort to assess the needs of our organization and provide a higher level of service in a cost effective manner for our customers,” said Lebanon Utilities General Manager and CEO Jay McCoskey.

Hutton will assume his duties immediately.