Just because the packaging says “flushable” does not mean the toilet is the best place to dispose of these. The term “flushable” means the product may break down after being submerged in water. However, it does not say how long this process takes. So when these products are flushed down the toilet and enter into our sanitary sewer collection system there is a great possibility of them causing the following issues:
• Getting caught with other debris in the line and causing a clogged pipe
• Getting caught on the impellers within the pumps of the lift stations causing the pumps to shut down
• Getting caught in the line structure of the lift stations and clogging the wet wells (as per the attached article)

Should these products find their way to the wastewater treatment plant they are taken out by the automatic screen process in our headworks building.

Thank you for not flushing “flushable” wipes.

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Flushable wipe infographic