As your community partner, it is our mission to provide you with reliable and safe utilities. This week we celebrate National Public Power Week and reflect on the importance of our power resources and the infrastructure that keeps our beautiful city of Lebanon, Indiana healthy, functioning and vibrant.

“We work every day to accomplish the ideals of public power utilities – low-cost power, reliable service, and community-ownership and responsibility. We are dedicated to providing top-notch service and the lowest rates possible to the people we serve – our neighbors and friends,” says Jay McCoskey, general manager and IMPA commissioner for Lebanon Utilities.

Top 7 Advantages of Public Power

  • As a not-for-profit, our loyalty is to our customers, not a board of directors or stockholders. We solely exist to provide a service that benefits local residents and businesses.
  • We are just down the street. When you call us you are not dialing support in another state or country. We are fellow citizens, your neighbors and friends.
  • We aim to provide electricity in a reliable manner, and as a not-for-profit are able to consistently reinvest net income in our infrastructure that might otherwise be distributed to stockholders.
  • With reliable high-quality electric services, we assist in attracting new businesses to our community and help with positive economic development in our area.
  • Efficient operations and not-for-profit status, allow us to offer affordable electric rates to our community and help more dollars remain locally to support local businesses.
  • With offices and operations based in our community, we provide jobs for local people.
  • With crews stationed within our communities, we respond quickly to customer needs and problems.

Please join us in celebrating National Public Power Week (October 4th through October 10th), along with low-cost electricity, reliable service and a vibrant and growing community.