Billing Representative – Angie

“When starting a job, pay attention to those around you, and truly listen to what they are saying. You will regret not recording their information and experience before they are gone.”

An important aspect to the success of Lebanon Utilities is the team of employees that takes care of billing and collections. Angie has been working for Lebanon Utilities for 13 years, and she current position is working in billing and collections, where she is responsible for a wide variety of tasks. The basic responsibilities for her position include processing bills, sending accounts to collections, fixing errors in accounts or billing, sending payments to the bank, filing sewer leans, and all end of month reporting.

While she wears many hats at Lebanon Utilities, she states that her favorite part about working for Lebanon Utilities is the opportunities it gives outside of the office. “I love being able to go into the community as an employee of Lebanon Utilities and volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity house, Camp 911, Teen Academy, and meeting people at home show” said Angie.

Angie states that she made the choice to work for Lebanon Utilities because it was a great opportunity that was close to home. While at home, Angie likes to read murder mysteries, go on cruises with her husband, and spend time with her grandchildren and dog.

“My goal for the future of Lebanon Utilities is to improve the public opinion of us and all that we do. There is so often a negative attitude about Lebanon Utilities and I hope to change that in the future,” said Angie.