Customer Service Manger – Laurie Gross

“Working where I was born and raised allows me to interact with the community, and I can add a personal touch to the face of Lebanon Utilities. I always worry about customers and their well-being, so I love that I can work with people to resolve issues,” said Laurie.

While Customer Service Manager Laurie Gross has worked for Lebanon Utilities for 10 years, she has served The City of Lebanon for over 25 years. Laurie worked as clerk treasurer for 9 years, and eventually moved to Lebanon Utilities when she helped them solve billing issues in 2000. As Customer Service Manager, Laurie is responsible for overseeing the customer service and billing departments. This means she is constantly talking to customers, while keeping the communication open with the community. She is constantly trying to develop new programs, processes, and procedures that make things easier for the staff.

When she is not working, Laurie can be found working with horses, whether it is showing or cleaning stalls. She can also be found at an Indy Car and Sprint Car races, as watching these races has recently become one of her favorite pastimes.

When Laurie works toward the future, she wants to ensure that all processes are streamline, efficient, and self-supporting upon her departure. She wants to know that she has made a difference in the company and in her community so that she can leave a lasting impression on Lebanon Utilities.

“I would advise any young student to stay in college and get your degree, because that degree can take you anywhere. It will help you in any career field no matter if the subject matches your degree or not. If college is not for you, look for programs and get experience in the work field.”