Customer Service Representative – Shawna

            “When working in the customer service industry, you have to learn to take everything with a grain of salt. Learn to ignore the comments that bother you, because people are usually mad at the situation, not at you.”

Shawna is a new face to Lebanon Utilities, currently in her second month as a customer service representative. This position allows Shawna to interact with clients in the office, over the phone, and through email. She also moves people in and out of different properties, takes payments, and sends crews out to resolve issues.

“I love being able to talk to people and interact with the public all day, but the best part about working here is my co-workers who are always nice and willing to help,” said Shawna.

In 2014, Shawna lost her previous job at Pearson and took a position at Hachette Books before being referred to Lebanon Utilities by a friend. She later interviewed on Thursday and began her new job the next Monday.

“I hope that in this position I will always have room to grow and advance. I want to learn this job inside and out before moving on, but I would never want to feel stuck in a position” said Shawna.

Outside of work, Shawna supports her daughter by watching her swim at the collegiate level. She also loves to read, quilt, and walk.