Customer Service Representative – Elizabeth

            “Making a difference in people’s lives and being able to help some each and every day makes my job worth doing,” said Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth is one of three smiling faces that will greet you as you visit the Lebanon Utilities office. She has been a customer service representative for 5 months and her basic responsibilities include answering phone calls and emails, handling payments, troubleshooting issues, and sending technicians for outside work.

“Most people living in Lebanon were born and raised here, and it is a small town where everyone knows each other. Having just moved here, working for Lebanon Utilities gives me the opportunity to meet new people and stay local with my family,” said Elizabeth.

Outside of work, Elizabeth spends the majority of her time supporting her kids, whether that means attending early morning wrestling meets or watching her daughter cheer. Elizabeth loves to spend time with them and always remains involved in their lives.

My goal for the future of Lebanon Utilities is to change how people see us, because we are often seen as the bad guy. I always want to help and explain how things work and find out how to best help our customers.

“If I could give anyone advice about the future, it would be to find what makes you happy and run with it. It does not matter what you’re doing as long as you are happy at the end of the day,” said Elizabeth.