Director of Security – Stan Large

Always try to be the best you can be. Set and meet the highest goal, own the company, achieve the highest level possible, because there is always room for improvement,” said Stan Large.

While Stan Large has only been the Director of Security for Lebanon Utilities for over a year, he has been involved with law enforcement for 44 years. Stan has worked as a night jail supervisor, as a detective, investigator, and the Chief of Police in Zionsville. He began working here because he was contacted by the Lebanon Police Department to fill a new position at the Municipal Building that resolves problems between the public and the staff, and also to make sure that people are not coming into the building to cause harm.

“I oversee everything that happens here and make sure that all employees are treated as they should be. If someone comes in upset about something and they are disrespectful to an employee, I make it my job to handle that whether that means following them out of the building or visiting them at home,” said Large.

Stan does a variety of things in his daily position, but outside of work he enjoys working out, refereeing youth football games, and doing private investigations and polygraphs.

“The thing I like most about working at the Municipal Building is that I can interact with everyone I know throughout the day. I love to talk to the employees and help them in any way that I can,” said Large.

Stan says he will never retire, and he will always have a job because he has always had three or four at a time. He has won policeman of the year award and been The Chief of Police, so he considers his career to be successful from top to bottom.

“I would advise anyone to pick a selective field and find something they love, regardless of how much it pays. Love your career every day, but always strive to be the best you can be. No one should think that they are not capable of doing something because everything is attainable if they try hard enough,” said Large.