Meter Technician – Steve Wilhoite

“I strive to give the customer the best service, which is the service they deserve.”

Steve Wilhoite has been a meter technician at Lebanon Utilities for 25 years, and in this time he has done everything under the sun with his job that varies on a daily basis. Steve is in charge of water and electric meters and his main goal is to make sure that everything is ready to meter properly and accurately.

“I am a jack-of-all-trades, so I love that I have a variety of tasks each day. I love having a job where I can be outside all day, and where the atmosphere makes it a great place to work,” said Wilhoite.

Steve has worked for Lebanon Utilities for twice, and the first time he began in meter reading right out of school. He returned here after his previous job became unstable, and he wanted to find a career that he could stay in for the long run.

Outside of work, Steve likes to bike and finds it a relaxing way to stay healthy. He also collects toy tractors and Cub Cadets, when he is not busy helping someone out.

“If I could give advice to someone just starting in the field, it would be that there is always more to learn. This industry and our world is constantly changing and you never know what the job is going to be a few years down the road. There are unlimited possibilities and the industry has really developed into a movement where the focus is on conserving water and energy,” said Wilhoite.